HTCIA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

We are pleased to announce that Ronald J. Wilczynski has been chosen as the 2013 HTCIA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Ronald J. Wilczynski, ACE, EnCE, is retired with 25 years of experience as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He was a computer forensic examiner for the FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART), receiving three certifications in three different operating systems. He is now a Computer Forensic Examiner consultant for clients such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Giuliani Security, the US Department of State Anti-Terrorism Assistance program, the California Department of Justice and NEK Advanced Security Group.

Mr. Wilczynski was recently a consultant contractor and a forensic examiner for the FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) in the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory Unit, through the National Program Office.  Among his duties, he instructed state, local, and federal officers and technicians in the course referred to as CART Boot Camp, the last class necessary for them to become certified CART Forensic Examiners.  He taught them how to properly use the AccessData Forensic Tool Kit, Registry Viewer and Password Recovery Toolkit (all of which are the primary computer forensic suite used by the FBI) as well as other ancillary computer forensic programs.  In addition, Mr. Wilczynski instructed students in the proper use of the CART programs’ Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedures, a necessary part of complying with and achieving the American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLD) Laboratory Certification.  He proctored the three lab practical exercises necessary to successfully matriculate from the above training.

During his time with the FBI National Program Office, Mr. Wilczynski also assisted in Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory ASCLD certification, administrative support to same and conducted ImageScan (a Linux based Preview utility) training.  He was one of the first federal agency participants to teach the Basic Data Recovery Analysis course for the National White Collar Crime Center and did so at different Regional Computer Forensic Labs across the country.

As a Supervising Special Agent with the FBI, Mr. Wilczynski supervised a Cyber Crime Squad in the Sacramento Field Office.  The squad consisted of Cyber Crime investigative professionals, CART Forensic Examiners, FBI Surveillance Specialists and FBI Technically Trained Agents.  Prior to that assignment, he supervised a Field Intelligence Group, an Intelligence Fusion center for the Sacramento Field Office and surrounding law enforcement agencies.  During his tenure as a supervisor, his Cyber Squad received national recognition from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association as a result of the first full content Title III internet interception in a Child Pornography/ Child Molestation multi-agency task force investigation.

As a Special Agent, Mr. Wilczynski had a distinguished, varied and interesting career.  He was a CART Certified Forensic Examiner, certified in Windows/DOS forensic processing, Apple/Mac forensic processing and Linux and UNIX forensic processing.   As an FBI Forensic Examiner, Mr. Wilczynski was deployed overseas and as a result of one of those deployments, received a highly coveted Directors Award for Outstanding Counterterrorism Investigation.   He testified in that foreign country’s court, introducing computer evidence for the first time in a high profile investigation.

Mr. Wilczynski was the Sacramento Division CART coordinator, responsible for all matters relating to computer forensic services to include personnel management, investigative priority determinations, equipment purchases, and budgeting.  He was a CART field representative on the CART Technical Advisory Committee, providing field input and advice.

Mr. Wilczynski was the Sacramento Division Technical Advisor having been previously certified as a Technically Trained Agent and certified to perform Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.  As the Technical Advisor, he was singularly responsible for all matters related to technical penetrations and deployments in support of the FBI.  He installed and operated numerous computer based technical devices.  Mr. Wilczynski managed personnel deployments, training, and budgets for the Technical Program.

During his time in the FBI, Mr. Wilczynski also investigated complex Russian Organized Crimes cases, drug cases, and general crimes against the government and persons.  Mr. Wilczynski was certified as a General Police Instructor, was an operator on the Sacramento SWAT team, received instruction in Hostage Negotiations, Crisis Management and Interviewing and Interrogations.  Mr. Wilczynski has testified on numerous occasions to include computer forensics and general crimes such as kidnappings, bank robberies and espionage.

Mr. Wilczynski was one of the founding members of the Northern California Chapter of HTCIA, starting as Treasurer in 1992.  He has held every chapter officer position except for Secretary.  While with the Northern California chapter, he assisted on the chapters conference committee for 4 highly successful International Conferences, all held in South Lake Tahoe.  He joined the International Executive Committee as Treasurer in 2007 and served two years.  In 2010, he was 2nd VP, in 2011 served as 1st VP and in 2012 was International President for HTCIA.  In 2011, He was the Conference Chair for the International Conference held in Indian Wells, California.  He is currently President of the At-Large chapters and is the Marketing Chair for the 2013 International Conference. Mr. Wilczynski is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, with a concentration in Accounting. He is currently a Reserve Sheriffs Deputy with the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department.

Please join us during the 2013 HTCIA International Conference & Training Expo awards banquet on September 10, 2013 where Mr. Wilczynski will be honored for this accomplishment.

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