Opportunities to be Involved

Our daily lives seem to be so busy that it may be difficult to find time to be involved with the HTCIA or your community.  The benefits of getting involved are many, including personal satisfaction and recognition of your leadership.  The HTCIA offers many opportunities to be involved at both the Chapter and International level.  These opportunities include serving on a Chapter Board, Chapter Committee or International Board or Committee.  It seems as though there are never enough people to help.

Later this year each Chapter will be electing new Chapter Officers.  Please get involved with your Chapter by running for a Chapter Officer position or helping with Chapter activities.  What a Chapter does for their members is only limited by the imagination of the Chapter Officers and HTCIA guidelines.  If you are wondering what is expected of a Chapter Officer, please attend the Chapter Officer Summit at the International Conference.  We will be recording more information and presentations over the next few months to help Chapter Officers lead their Chapters.  This information will be in the member area of our website.

At the International Level there are many opportunities to get involved.  The International Executive Committee (IEC) elections are held at the beginning of the conference.  IEC members are elected by the International Board of Directors (IBD).  The IBD is made up of the Chapter Presidents from every HTCIA Chapter.  If you are planning or would like to run for an IEC office, please submit your nomination and a short paragraph outlining what you would like to accomplish for the IEC position you select.  You must have served as a Chapter Officer to serve on the IEC.

At the International level, there are many Committees and Special Projects where volunteers are needed.  Each of the IEC members chairs one or more committees.  Some of the major committees are Marketing, Membership, Training, Conference and Audit.  The Conference committee is the largest and is responsible for all aspects of the International Conference.  Serving on a committee is a good way to see how the IEC and International Office operate and what it takes to keep the HTCIA running.

There are many opportunities available for HTCIA members to be involved.  Please get involved to make the HTCIA a better organization.

Thomas Quilty, 2013 International President

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