AccessData Digital Forensics Endowment Program

AccessData Group Inc. is launching the first of its kind Digital Forensics Endowment Program to support and assist in alleviating an array of digital forensics investigation requirements and challenges facing US state and local law enforcement agencies. This will be accomplished by awarding two US State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, with AccessData Lab including, training and support for the duration of 1 (one) calendar year.

AccessData Lab enables digital forensic units of any scope and size to operate more efficiently and successfully. This is accomplished by utilizing a unified back-end processing and analysis engine, as well as a centralizedadendowment front-end collaborative environment. These two key components allow a digital forensics lab to handle massive case data sets, utilize a real-time task and case management system, all within an intuitive, multi-party collaborative solution. AccessData (AD) has identified a material decrease in the amount of time and resources necessary to complete digital forensic investigations when organizations deploy and leverage AccessData Lab.

It is the intent of AccessData to empower two State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, with AccessData Lab, and subsequently support more efficient operations and in turn promote a reduction in time to arrive at material decisions when performing digital investigations.

The AccessData Digital Forensics Endowment Program (ADFEP) awardees must commit to the authorship and citation of a co-branded case study citing detailed metrics of the work performed using AccessData Lab, including a summary of the successful use of the software provided in the endowment.

Additional information regarding the program including guidelines and both an online and hardcopy application can be found at

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