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Operationalizing Security Intelligence for the Mid-Market Enterprise

We are pleased to present the next webinar in our series presented by Rafal Los, Principal, Strategic Security Services, with HP Enterprise Security Services. This webinar will be provided via GotoWebinar on June 4, 2014 from 11:30am – 1:00pm PST.

The focus of the conversation around enterprise security intelligence has mainly been the large enterprise space, and rightfully so. Small and mid-market enterprises simply haven’t been able to pivot their security programs and strategies to adapt and take advantage of the potential benefits of security intelligence, and whether it’s due to resources or simply lack of knowledge, the result is the same. Failure to capitalize on the available security intelligence – whether open-source or closed – leaves a capability gap which adversaries are exploiting day in and day out. Closing this gap can seem impossible to the security leadership of a mid-market enterprise – but with proper strategy, architecture and operational execution, these organizations can realize benefits from security intelligence as well.

As with anything, overcoming challenges takes an experience-based approach to understand potential failures such as workstream maintenance and develop strategies such as effective task delegation based on resource expertise, which can pivot the enterprise around them. While it’s unreasonable to believe that a mid-market enterprise can take advantage of security intelligence in the same manner that a large enterprise may be able to, it is entirely reasonable to expect to achieve scaled-down results with scaled-down resources.

Large enterprises take advantage of pools of expensive analysts to perform in-depth analysis, while mid-market enterprises simply don’t have these tools available – so alternative strategies must be developed. We will focus on effective scope creation based in part on an internally developed method called SPR, open-source data collection techniques and analysis methods, situational analysis using in part the COM model, and effective response formulation through operational workstreams. In the end, ‘security intelligence’ is only worthwhile if a relevant piece of information is obtained and analyzed in a timely manner and able to aide a rapid decision-making process to mitigate an imminent threat.

To achieve this, we will first define security intelligence for the mid-market enterprise and attempt to leverage lessons-learned from large enterprise. We will build out a generic operational framework for defining, gathering, analyzing, and acting upon security intelligence – all scaled to the mid-market enterprise.

Your Speaker

Rafal Los, Principal, Strategic Security Services, with HP Enterprise Security Services, brings a pragmatic approach to enterprise security. Combining nearly 15 years of technical, consulting and management skills in Information Security, Rafal draws on his extensive experience to help organizations build intelligent, defensible and operationally efficient security programs. He is an advocate for focus on sound security fundamentals and for the principles of “right defenses, right place, right reason”. He is also a contributor to open standards and organizations – volunteering his time to groups such as OWASP and the Cloud Security Alliance. His blog, Following the White Rabbit, is his unique perspective on the various aspects of enterprise security, emerging technologies, and current events and can be found at

Prior to joining HP, Los defined what became the software security program and served as a regional security lead at a Global Fortune 100 contributing to the global organization’s security and risk-management strategy internally and externally. Rafal prides himself on being able to add a ‘tint of corporate realism’ to information security.

Rafal received his B. S. in Computer Information Systems from Concordia University, River Forest, Ill.

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