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Introduction to Malware Analysis – 3 Hour In-Depth Webinar

We are pleased to present the next webinar in our series presented by Lenny Zeltser, Senior Faculty Member at SANS Institute. This webinar will be provided via GotoWebinar on July 17, 2014 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm EST. Please note this is a three hour in-depth webinar where Lenny will be providing technical demonstration related to malware analysis. The entire webinar will be available in the Training Portal shortly after the live session.

This webinar is only available to HTCIA members. Registration is required –

Introduction to Malware Analysis

How can we make sense of the malicious software discovered during incident response or a forensic investigation? In this online seminar, Lenny Zeltser introduces a practical and systemic approach to examining malware. He will discuss freely-available tools useful for performing static, behavioral and code analysis, making this topic accessible even to technologists with a limited exposure to programming concepts. The session will make use of several real-world malware samples to explain the core concepts and demonstrate the tools. Session participants will learn the fundamentals and associated tools to get started with malware analysis.

Security incident responders benefit from knowing how to reverse-engineer malware, because this process helps in assessing the event’s scope, severity, and repercussions. It also assists in containing the incident and in planning recovery steps. Those who perform forensic investigations also benefit from mastering this topic, because they learn how to understand key characteristic of malware present on compromised systems. Lenny Zeltser has written many articles on these topics and teaches a malware analysis course at SANS Institute.

About the Speaker

lenny_zeltserLenny Zeltser is a seasoned business leader with extensive experience in information technology and security. As a product management director at NCR Corporation, he focuses on safeguarding IT infrastructure of small and mid-size businesses world-wide. Before NCR, Lenny led the enterprise security consulting practice at a major IT hosting provider. He also teaches digital forensics and malware courses for the SANS Institute, where he is a senior faculty member. In addition, Lenny is a Board of Directors member at SANS Technology Institute and a volunteer incident handler at the Internet Storm Center.

Lenny’s expertise is strongest at the intersection of business, technology, and information security practices and includes incident response, cloud services, and product management. He frequently speaks at conferences, writes articles, and has co-authored books on network security and malicious software defenses. Lenny is one of the few individuals in the world who’ve earned the prestigious GIAC Security Expert designation. He has an MBA degree from MIT Sloan and a Computer Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania. You can learn more about Lenny’s projects at

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