H-11 Digital Forensics – Advanced Smart Phone Forensics

Dates: October 14-17, 2014
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Host: Fort Collins Police Department
Address: 221 South Timberline Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
Cost: H-11 SMRT 4-Day Training: $1,895

Early Registration 6% off:
*Early registration ends September 26, 2014

Smartphone Forensics Flyer

H-11 Digital Forensics would like to invite you and members of your team to attend an Advanced Smart Phone Forensics
(H-11 SMRT) course.
This training is designed to provide the participant with a concentrated and focused understanding of mobile device
forensics utilizing the Cellebrite UFED system, Physical Analyzer Software, and the core essentials associated with mobile
device examinations. Participants will become familiar with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems and how
they store data.

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