2014 Top Security Tools as Voted by ToolsWatch.org Readers


The website ToolsWatch.org has released the second edition of their top security tools as voted by their users and readers. Great list of some well known tools, and some that many may have not used. Definitely a great source for the novice and experienced.

Here is the list of the top tools:

01 – Unhide (NEW)
02 – OWASP ZAP – Zed Attack Proxy Project (-1↓)
03 – Lynis (+3↑)
04 – BeEF – The Browser Exploitation Framework (-2↓)
05 – OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework (0→)
06 – PeStudio (-2↓)
07 – OWASP Offensive (Web) Testing Framework (NEW)
08 – Brakeman (NEW)
09 – WPScan (0→)
10 – Nmap (NEW)

The full article can be found on ToolsWatch’s website – http://www.toolswatch.org/2015/01/2014-top-security-tools-as-voted-by-toolswatch-org-readers/

If there are tools you use, but were not listed on the website, feel free to share with others by posting a comment to this post

/Peter Morin

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