Case of the Year Award

Case of the Year

Case of the Year Award (Award not given prior to 1999)

At least one of the participants (investigator, forensic examiner, attorney, etc.) in case must be an HTCIA member. The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors that will be used to evaluate the nominees:

  • The case was regional, national, or International in scope;
  • The case established an important legal precedent;
  • The case involved significant expenditure of resources (manpower, funds and/or technology);
  • The case resolved a particularly violent offense;
  • The case involved a significant dollar loss;
  • New technology or techniques were expended to resolve the case; OR
  • Other objective criteria announced by the IEC.

Past Case of the Year Award Winners

1999 Crips Gang Case

2000 Sacramento High Tech Crime Task Force
Hewlett Packard

2001 The Mafia Boy Case
Exodus Communication: Michael Evans, Jill Knesek, Charles Neal, III, and W. William Swallo
FBI: Christopher Beausang, Robert Currie Joseph Ferrarer, Marc Gosselin, Kenneth McGuire, Nael Sabba Ramyar Tabastabain, Scott Wanamaker and E. Brent Watkins
Lucent Technologies: Barbara Farrington, Scott Christie, and Warren Kruse
NASA: Mark Smith
U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service: David Szperski

2002 The Aballah Case
Kings County DA’s Office: Steve Kramer,
New York City Police: Jahmel Daise and Michael Fabozzi,
New York Electronic Crimes Task Force: Jerome Pickett
Secret Service: Larry Krafji
U.S Attorney Office, Southern District of NY: John Streeter,
U.S. Postal Inspection Service: Sandra Spector

2003 Operation Hamlet Case
Clovis Police, CA Police: Mike Casida, James Gentry, Matt McFadden, and John Weaver

2004 Innocent Eyes Case
Pennsylvania State Police: Robert W. Erdely
New York City Police:Richard Britton and Anthony Reyes

2005 BTK Killer Case
Wichita Kansas Police: R.R. Stone

2006 Operation Trench Coat
Marshfield Police Department: Steven Marcolini
Massachusetts State Police : Peter Cooke
Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputy:Melissa Marino

2007 Extreme Child Molestation Case
New Britain, CT Police Department: James P. Wardwell

2008 Operation Bad News
Office of the New York State Attorney General:
Bradley Bartram
James Domres
Peri Kadanoff
Michael McCartney

2009 People v. Randolph Kling
Joe Cipollini
Ventura County District Attorney’s Office
Southern California High Tech Task Force

2010 Detective Eric Pahlberg
Sacramento Valley High-Tech Crimes Task Force

2011 People vs. Bulos Zumot
James Eichbaum
Jim Cook
Central Valley California Chapter

2012 Marshall Norton and Tim Crowley
REACT Task Force
People vs. Rolando Secreto

2013 Clifford Lambert Homicide Case
Raul Mejias
Stephen Crist

2014 TriStar Data Breach
Justin Feffer
Dave Babcock
Donn Hoffman
Cyber Investigation Response Team, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

2015 Texas vs. George de le Cruz
Austin Police Department

2016 Certain Stainless Steel Products
Christopher Racich
Kevin Cantwell

2016 Serial Swatting
Sergeant Ben Finley
SA Andrew Young
Detective Ed Dorroh


Submissions for the 2017 Case of the Year Award


Each Case of the Year nominated will be evaluated on the following criteria. Please ensure you fully address each element prior to submission. The nomination must be submitted within 60 days of the first day of the International Conference & Training Expo to be considered for the award, or July 1, 2017.