Chapter Website Awards

The HTCIA Chapter Website Awards have been developed to recognize the work your chapter has put forth in the design, content and management of your chapter web site. These awards apply to chapter sites hosted by the International and those hosted by the chapters.

We encourage chapter website POCs to post their award seals on their web page so the news can be shared with all members of their chapter.


Every year, the Chapter Membership Committee will review all of the chapter web sites that link from the HTCIA International’s web site (

We will start reviewing chapter websites on August 1, 2014. As such, any changes past this day will not apply. Please verify the chapter listing to ensure that your chapter’s website URL is correct listed. A list of all 2014 winners will be displayed on the HTCIA International’s web site.

Chapter websites are scored on a points system. Sites are evaluated based on the following:

HTCIA Compliance 

  • Correct chapter name used
  • Clear acknowledgement of chapter relationship to HTCIA
  • New logo used at appropriate places
  • URL – Does it gives indication about HTCIA and chapter?
  • Copyright marks and Trademarks

Chapter Information  

  • Chapter information (i.e. a description of chapter objectives)
  • Chapter board information and contact list
  • Link to bylaws
  • Membership benefits statement
  • How to join with a link to international’s join page
  • Chapter meeting information
  • Information regarding joining the chapter in a board/committee capacity

Membership Offerings    

  • Downloads
  • Online articles
  • Chapter news
  • Other informative links and related news
  • Information on Chapter Events
  • Use of Event Espresso or other online registration
  • Use of a chapter calendar

HTCIA Organization      

  • International information (i.e. history, IEC board)
  • Link to Career Center information
  • International news
  • Advertising of international events (i.e. conference)
  • Information on the HTCIA Training Portal

Website Usability/Presentation     

  • Download time and first impression of home page
  • Menu organization: minimum buttons/tabs should include
  • About us, Events, Membership, Contact, etc.
  • Color schemes and general appearance
  • Currency of Information
  • Link to contact website POC
  • Privacy statement
  • Feedback or survey mechanism
  • General look and feel, professionalism


Chapter Website Program

If you would like to take advantage of the Chapter Website Program were we provide chapters with an HTCIA-branded website that is hosted on the International’s servers at no charge to you.

We also provide access to Event Espresso, a fantastic application allowing you to manage registration for your chapter events and process credit cards for payment. We provide SSL certificates (for use with Event Espresso) and will host your domain in our DNS server if you have one, again at no cost to you.

The site provides you full access to manage your own content, events, etc.

We can even provide custom graphics if needed. Our servers are secured behind a cluster of firewalls, hardened, backed-up daily and monitored 24/7.

Have a look at some of the chapter sites already part of the program:

If you have already moved your site and require assistance, please see the training documentation on the HTCIA website. Proceed to, log in, proceed to the Library, under Chapter Resources > Chapter Website Program. We will also be hosting another webinar in April for those who may need some assistance with their websites.

If you have any questions, please contact