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The HTCIA Career Center is a source for employment postings in computer forensic, investigations, information security, etc. as well as resumes from prospective professionals.

Job Bulletins

Postings are accepted from members and/or non-members. Members can post for free; non-member rates are $125 for a 30-day posting or $300 for a 90-day posting. If you would like to include a posting in the Career Center, please e-mail with a PDF including the Company, Job Title, Location and a description of the position. If payment is required please also include your choice of either 30 or 90 day posting and we will invoice you. You can also email us for more information.

Date Job Title & Description Company Location
07/26/2017 Police Forensic Computer Analyst

Police Forensic Computer Analyst Job Advertising

City of Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ



Resumes will continue to be posted for members only, for a 6 month time period. If you would like to post your resume in the Career Center, please e-mail your resume in PDF format.

Date Member/Candidate
 05/17/2017  Esam Nimer

Esam Nimer Resume New