Lab – AD Triage

Speaker: Chris Sanft
Company: AccessData

The AccessData Triage software tool allows both forensic examiners and non-forensic personnel to acquire either all or specifically targeted hard drive data from a system in just minutes.  In this session, you will review how to create Triage devices to collect data from target systems.

Mr. Sanft is a Senior Instructor with Accessdata. He is involved in developing and teaching all of the many classes that AccessData offers. He has trained at the United States Secret Service National Computer Forensic Institute. Prior to joining AccessData, Mr. Sanft was a contractor performing computer forensics for the US Army in Iraq. In addition, Mr. Sanft was a computer crime training specialist with SEARCH Group Inc, Sacramento, CA. For almost eight years he coordinated and provided training to local, State and Federal criminal justice agencies both in California and at other locations nationwide. Mr. Sanft provided technical assistance to various law enforcement organizations on computer crime and forensics issues.