HTCIA Webinar Series

Here is the tentative schedule of monthly webinars for this year. As we get closer each month, we will provide more details on the actual presentation topic.

  •  February – Data Breaches (Lou Archbold, Verizon)
  • March – Memory Forensics (Alissa Torres, SANS)
  • April – OSINT (Chris Todd, Unisys)
  • May – Litigation (Kenneth Citarella)
  • June – Incident Response (Rob Lee, SANS)
  • July – Information Security (Rafal Los, HP)
  • August – Malware Analysis (Lenny Zeltser, SANS)
  • September – Forensics – Enscript Development (TBD)
  • October – Network Forensics (Matt Shannon, F-Response)
  • November – Forensics – SSD Drive Analysis (TBD)
  • December – Web Application Security (Peter Morin, Bell Aliant)

If you are a member and interested in registering for the next webinar (free of charge), please proceed to the registration page, by clicking on the month/webinar above.

If you have any questions, please contact