IEC Committee Policy

The following policy is to be followed by all HTCIA IEC committees:

  1. All committees are under the direction of the IEC President unless otherwise provided for in the bylaws. All committee members are appointed by the IEC President, with the consent of the IEC, unless otherwise provided for in the bylaws. The IEC President will be an member of all committees.
  2. The IEC President will assign an IEC Officer as a Chair for each committee, unless otherwise provided for in the bylaws. Their term as Chair will coincide with their term as an IEC officer. At the end of their term they are free to remain on as member of the Committee they chaired. IEC members also may be members of any committee they chose besides the one they are chairing.
  3. The Chair will be asked to provide a summary to the IEC on the actions of their committee at each regular scheduled IEC meeting. Such a summary will be noted in the minutes.
  4. The Chair will also be asked to provide a summary of their committees activities to the IBD at the annual meeting, noting accomplishments and areas to be addresses in the future.
  5. The Chair will periodically communicate to their committee members via e-mail and other means necessary to complete tasks. Use of teleconferencing or other means that would incur an expense require IEC approval.
  6. The Chair, at their discretion, may assign specific duties to committee member(s) to facilitate meeting its mission and completion of assigned tasks.
  7. The IEC President will periodically refer matters to committees for their action and attention.
  8. Each committee is charged with completing tasks and making recommendations to the IEC for areas under their purview. Each committee will keep records, such a notes/minutes/reports, as are necessary to document their activities.
  9. Committees are only to provide communication to the IEC or the IBD. Disclosure outside of these entities is prohibited, unless authorized by the IEC President.
  10. The minimum term is one year. In December of each year the 1st VP of the IEC will review committee assignments for an additional year appointment.