Listserv Operations




The purpose of the HTCIA List Serve (List) is to exchange, encourage, promote, aid, and effect the voluntary interchange of data, information, experiences, and knowledge about methods and processes among the membership. All information discussed on the List is considered confidential and subject to the Code of Ethics of Professional Standards of Conduct contained in the HTCIA Bylaws. Members are prohibited from revealing information discussed on the list except under circumstances consistent with the purposes of HTCIA. Members must notify the International Executive Committee (IEC) if they receive any outside requests to disclose any contents of List messages sent or received .


Access to the List is initially obtained by going to the Membership section of the HTCIA website and logging in. Members then must put a legitimate e-mail address in the field for “List Serve.” Within 24 hours, information from this database is updated to the List. Individuals will then start receiving List messages. Members who do not receive messages should perform the following before contacting the International Office for assistance: Check the e-mail you entered in the Membership section to insure it is in the correct format. Next, make sure your Spam filters are not initially capturing the List messages. Obviously, if you change e-mails you will have to update the “List Serve” address under the Membership Section again. If you are receiving e-mails but can not post, make sure you are sending messages in text format. Messages that are HTML encoded are not accepted. If you still can not post contact the International Office for assistance.

Although the List is protected by the confidentiality requirements of the HTCIA Bylaws, members should avoid posting sensitive material to the List.

No digest is kept of discussion.



Discussion of tools and techniques are encouraged. However, advertising of products or services is prohibited.

Chapter Announcements

Announcements of Chapter functions are normally okay, examples are chapter meetings or training events that are one day or less in duration. Announcements of chapter training events ( longer than one day) that occur within 60 days before or 30 days after the International Conference require approval of the IEC before being posted. The deciding factor in determining whether they will be posted to the List will be if the event could draw resources and/or attendees away from the International conference. Requests for speakers, exhibitors, vendors, etc. at Chapter training events would also follow the same rules as the announcement of the event itself.

Other Training Announcements

Announcements pertaining to non-HTCIA supported training functions or events will not be posted if they will be in conflict or competition with HTCIA events, specifically the International Conference. Events that occur 60 days before or 30 days after the International Conference are per se considered to be in direct competition with HTCIA events. Request for speakers, exhibitors, vendors, or papers would follow the same rules as the event announcement.

Job Postings/Employment Changes

Job announcements, retirements, job changes or death notices are permissible. However, they most be posted by an HTCIA member.

Cut and Paste

Members should not “cut and paste” verbatim from the List to any other list serves.


The List is moderated to insure topics discussed remain within the purpose. The moderator will not post topics that violate the above purpose and will terminate discussion threads that stray beyond the the List’s purpose. Moderators of the list will be officers of the IEC. The following is the moderators’ tentative schedule:

First Quarter (January 1 to March 31): President, Backup, Secretary
Second Quarter (April 1 to June 30): Secretary, Backup, 1st VP
Third Quarter (July 1 to September 30): 2nd VP, Backup, Treasurer
Fourth Quarter (October 1 to December 31): Treasurer, Back Up, 2nd VP

Moderators will attempt to check the List three times a day, Monday Through Friday, and once on Saturday and Sunday, between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. If a post is of a real emergency consider sending a copy directly to the assigned moderator and their back up.

Those who feel their topic should be posted may send a request for reconsideration to the Chair of the Communications Committee, who is the Secretary of the International Executive Committee (IEC) at The Communications Committee will make a recommendation to the IEC. The IEC will make a final ruling on the request.

Members who violate the List’s operations may face discipline proceedings consistent with HTCIA Bylaws.

HTCIA List Serve Operations will be reviewed by the Communications Committee who will make appropriate recommendations for modifications of same to the IEC.

List Instructions:

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