Membership Benefits

The tools and techniques used in high tech crime investigations evolve rapidly. Whether you are a corporate or private investigator, digital forensics examiner, network security professional or incident responder, attorney, detective, or educator, an HTCIA membership gives you:

  • Access to other professionals for the kinds of information exchanges that solve problems.
  • Opportunities to both learn and teach new skills—which keeps everyone sharp.
  • A new channel through which to promote your and/or your employer’s brand.

How does HTCIA membership help you accomplish all these?

Powerful networking tools

To get things done during an investigation, you need strong trusted relationships. The best investigators know to build these before you need them. Here are six ways we encourage law enforcement, corporate, and private investigators, together with attorneys and researchers, to get to know and trust each other before a case brings you together.

  • Online Member Directory – Search for members by name, organization, location, or chapter. Outsource to or partner with members’ companies; offer your services to someone who needs them; ask for help with a project or investigation.
  • HTCIA Chapters – Attending a local chapter meeting is your best way to stay informed of relevant local and regional issues and make valuable professional connections. As a member, your access to these gatherings also comes at a reduced rate — or in some cases, may even be free.
  • HTCIA International Training Conference & Exposition – Preferred pricing on 3 full days of training, including traditional lectures and hands-on labs, along with networking opportunities and vendor expo. Our 14 hands-on labs are the most of any industry conference, and we offer three full days of networking and learning!
  • Discussion Forums / Listserv – Share best practices, collaborate on common issues, and discuss emerging trends with investigator peers. Our discussion forums, listserv and LinkedIn group continue to connect you to investigators worldwide, for everything from handling digital evidence collections to learning about what the latest threats mean to your organization.
  • Social Media – Join fellow members along with interested non-members on Twitter and our Facebook page to discuss current events, trends, and topics related to many types of high tech crimes. Our members-only LinkedIn group is a good place to talk about issues related to membership itself.
  • Student Membership – Our chapters sponsor 10 student charters across the country (and we’re working on creating more). Not only do students have access to our investigative professionals; in turn, our members have access to future researchers and employees. Many of our students have already conducted or assisted in critical cyber-security and digital forensic research!

Educational Programming

Training is our chapters’ cornerstone. Taking an active part in our community exposes you to new tools, new techniques and new thinking that helps you do your job better—and all for lower prices than you might’ve gotten on your own.

  • Preferred Pricing – On our international conference, regional training events, chapter meetings and other events.
  • HTCIA International Training Conference & Exposition – 3 full days of training, including traditional lectures and hands-on labs. Our 14 hands-on labs are the most of any industry conference!
  • Allied Partnerships – SANS Community of Interest in Network Security (COINS). Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). ASIS International. All have come together with our chapters to provide critical training programs.
  • Training from Star Supporters – Guidance, AccessData, BlackBag and other sponsors have taken to the road, showcasing their latest tools to the people who need them—at our meetings. Don’t miss out!

Professional Development

Job postings, speaking opportunities, and even the chance to earn awards for jobs well done are ways we encourage our members’ professional development:

  • Job Board – We accept job listings from all over the industry. Members can post new job openings to our listserv and LinkedIn group, while we also have a “Classified” section on our website.
  • HTCIA Speakers Bureau – Have ideas on the way investigations should be conducted, coming forms of high tech crime, or a new forensic technique you’ve perfected? Make yourself available to speak at monthly meetings.
  • Friendly Competition – Our Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes members who have significantly contributed to high tech crime investigation: innovative tools, teaching, casework, and so on. Case of the Year details give you the opportunity to look inside some of the most complex investigations your fellow members are undertaking. Chapter of the Year distinguishes chapters whose members collectively contribute to making their chapter stand out in their local and investigative communities.  Participating is a great way to “pay it forward” to other investigators.

A Chance to Give Back

Our members consistently cite the chance to give back as one of their biggest benefits to membership. Having received so much from the community, they look for ways to give of what they have learned. Some of these ways include:

  • HTCIA Chapter Leadership – Bring new training to your chapter’s monthly meetings, organize a regional conference, or start a new chapter. As chapter president, vice president, secretary or treasurer, influence how HTCIA reaches out to investigators in your community!
  • Committee Membership – Help chart HTCIA’s course on the international level. As part of our Conference, Membership, Awards, Communications, Ethics or other Committees, you can help shape the way HTCIA executes our mission and vision.
  • Computer Forensic Examiner Locator – Be available to help colleagues in need of trusted professionals to perform collections and analysis on their cases when they can’t travel.
  • HTCIA Star Supporter Program – Own a company? Employee of one that’s looking to expand its corporate citizenship program? HTCIA allows you to offer discounts to members on software or services.
  • Special Projects – Can’t travel? Submitting papers or presentations, or working as part of a team on projects like our Internet Safety For Children Campaign, are another way to highlight your expertise while you contribute to our broader community.

These are just some of the benefits HTCIA membership can bring to you—and we’re always open to more. Apply today!