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Code of Ethics & Bylaws
Awards & Designations

Pre-HTCIA History

In 1984, a California based industrial security managers group approached the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office to discuss their concerns about high technology crime. They noted there was a strong need for additional law enforcement training and investigative expertise to address this disturbing trend.

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Code of Ethics & Bylaws

HTCIA Code of Ethics

I will support the objectives and purposes of the HTCIA, as stated in Article II of the Association Bylaws.

I agree to respect the confidential nature of any sensitive information, procedures, or techniques that I become aware of because of my involvement with the HTCIA.

I will not disclose such confidential material to anyone who is not a member in good standing of the HTCIA without the written permission from the HTCIA Board of Directors.

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HTCIA International Executive Committee (IEC):

  • Anthony Reyes – President (Northeast Chapter)
  • Todd Shipley – First Vice President (Northern California Chapter)
  • Sheila Mellor – Second Vice President (Silicon Valley Chapter)
  • Brandt Watkins – Secretary (British Columbia Chapter)
  • Ken Haynes – Treasurer (Mid-Atlantic Chapter)

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All IEC committees must follow the guidelines and policies set out by the HTCIA. These policies can be reviewed here.

The HTCIA has a number of committees that are key to the success of the organization.

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Awards & Designations

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Frans Kolkman

2018 Case of the Year

Javier Soto Ortiz 

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International Office

HTCIA International Office team:

  • Elizabeth Maynard - Executive Director
  • Michele Sperry - Accountant
  • Karen Hill - Meeting Planner
  • Gabrielle Webster - Program Coordinator

The main purpose of THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FORENSIC COMPUTER SCIENCE AND CYBER LAW (ICoFCS) is to bring together researchers interested in Forensic Computer Science and in Cyber Law, in order to foster development in this matter.

We foresee major advances and development in Forensic Computer Science and Cyber Law by means encouraging researchers from Universities, Research Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies from all over the world to submit their papers on this conference.

The ICoFCS is hosted by Brazil Chapter of the HTCIA (www.htcia.org.br), and supported by the University of Brasília, by means the Electrical Engineering Department (www.ene.unb.br) and the OAB/SP - Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil em São Paulo (www.oabsp.org.br).

This conference has an international committee of reviewers from several countries. In addition, papers are rigorously reviewed by three committee members, experts on the matter aborted in such papers. Only the papers with recognized scientific rigor are accepted, presented at the conference and published in its proceedings.

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HTCIA Mission

Provide education and collaboration to our global members for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.


HTCIA Core Principles

To promote collaboration and education of our members.

Become the global association for high tech investigators.

June 12, 2018 - Chief Superintendent, Director General, National Technical Investigation Services, Jeff Adam of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to be the Keynote Speaker at the 2018 International Conference in Washington DC in August. 

February 1, 2018 – International office launches Memberclicks, a robust online cyber investigator network for all members to collaborate and network with each other. Additionally, the international office will soon start monthly training via its webinar series for all HTCIA members.

October 1, 2017 -  Howard Anthony Schmidt to receive the 2017 HTCIA Life Time Achievement Award Posthumously at the 2017 International Conference.