The HTCIA gives out a number of awards to chapters and members.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Considerations for granting Lifetime Achieve Award, since 2006:

7 years good standing membership in the HTCIA and have made a significant contribution to the goals of HTCIA. The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors that will be used to evaluate this requirement:

  • Served as an officer at either the Chapter and/or International level of HTCIA;
  • Assisted in the organization of a regional or annual HTCIA conference;
  • Facilitated or assisted in the start-up of a new HTCIA Chapter;
  • Advanced the prevention of high tech crimes through education and/or the development of tool(s) and or technique(s);
  • Individually advanced the field of computer investigation, forensics, and/or security, through training and/or the development of tool(s) and/or technique(s);
  • Assisted in the successful prosecution and/or litigation of case(s) involving advanced technologies;
  • Other objective criteria announced by the IEC at the request of for nominations.

Case of the Year Award

Considerations Case of the Year Award, since 2006:

At least one of the participants (investigator, forensic examiner, attorney, etc.) in case must be an HTCIA member. The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors that will be used to evaluate the nominees:

  • The case was regional, national, or International in scope;
  • The case established an important legal precedent;
  • The case involved significant expenditure of resources (manpower, funds and/or technology);
  • The case resolved a particularly violent offense;
  • The case involved a significant dollar loss;
  • New technology or techniques were expended to resolve the case; OR
  • Other objective criteria announced by the IEC.

Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • 1999: Fred Cotton
  • 2000: Donald Ingraham
  • 2001: Not Awarded Due To 9/11 Attacks
  • 2002: Joe Chiaramonte and James Doyle
  • 2003: Rich Bernes and Michael J. Menz
  • 2004: Andy Rosen
  • 2005: Kevin Manson
  • 2006: Danny Mares
  • 2007: Chairman Emeritus Lee McCown
  • 2008: Mark Menz
  • 2009: Anthony Reyes
  • 2010: John McMullen
  • 2011: Kenneth Citarella
  • 2012: Lee Curtis
  • 2013: Ronald J. Wilczynski
  • 2014: Cynthia Navarro
  • 2015: Tom Quilty
  • 2016: Arthur Bowker
  • 2017: Howard A. Schmidt
  • 2018: Frans Kolkman
  • 2019: Paulo Quintilian

Case of the Year Award:

  • 1999: Crips Gang Case
  • 2000: Sacramento High Tech Crime Task ForceĀ 
  • 2001: The Mafia Boy Case
  • 2002: The Aballah Case
  • 2003: Operation Hamlet Case
  • 2004: Innocent Eyes Case
  • 2005: BTK Killer Case
  • 2006: Operation Trench Coat
  • 2007: Extreme Child Molestation Case
  • 2008: Operation Bad News
  • 2009: People v. Randolph Kling
  • 2010: Detective Eric Pahlberg – Sacramento Valley High-Tech Crimes Task Force
  • 2011: People vs. Bulos Zumot
  • 2018: Javier Soto Ortiz
  • 2019: San Jose, California’s R.E.A.C.T.

Chapter of the Year Award:

  • 2017: British Columbia
  • 2018: Ottawa