Lifetime Achievement Award Winners (Award not given prior to 1999)

Considerations for granting Lifetime Achieve Award, since 2006:

7 years good standing membership in the HTCIA and have made a significant contribution to the goals of HTCIA. The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors that will be used to evaluate this requirement:

  • Served as an officer at either the Chapter and/or International level of HTCIA;
  • Assisted in the organization of a regional or annual HTCIA conference;
  • Facilitated or assisted in the start-up of a new HTCIA Chapter;
  • Advanced the prevention of high tech crimes through education and/or the development of tool(s) and or technique(s);
  • Individually advanced the field of computer investigation, forensics, and/or security, through training and/or the development of tool(s) and/or technique(s);
  • Assisted in the successful prosecution and/or litigation of case(s) involving advanced technologies;
  • Other objective criteria announced by the IEC at the request of for nominations.

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

1999    Fred Cotton
2000   Donald Ingraham
2001    Not Awarded Due To September 11th Attacks
2002   Joe Chiaramonte and James Doyle
2003   Rich Bernes and Michael J. Menz
2004   Andy Rosen
2005   Kevin Manson
2006   Danny Mares
2007   Chairman Emeritus Lee McCown
2008   Mark Menz
2009   Anthony Reyes
2010   John McMullen
2011    Kenneth Citarella
2012   Lee Curtis
2013   Ronald J. Wilczynski
2014   Cynthia Navarro
2015   Tom Quilty
2016   Arthur Bowker
2017   Howard A. Schmidt
2018   Frans Kolkman

2018 Case of the Year

Javier Soto Ortiz