NW3C Certification Partnership

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June 8, 2021

Dear Colleague,

HTCIA and NW3C are pleased to announced a certification partnership which will allow HTCIA members to apply for Professional Certification through NW3C at a substantially discounted rate. NW3C is an internationally recognized 501c3 nonprofit providing training and education to law enforcement organizations in the USA, Canada, Europe, and A-Pac. HTCIA and NW3C have been long-time partners in education and membership and we are thrilled to be offering access to certification through this partnership!


Certifications can help you qualify as a skilled fact or expert witness, distinguish yourself professionally, and obtain the next step in your career. NW3C now offers law enforcement and private sector pracitioners the opportunity to earn professional certifications. NW3C certifications, backed by our industry-leading expertise and reputation, attest to demonstrated competence in digital forensics, cybercrime investigations, and complex financial crime investigations.

  1. Certified Economic Crime Forensic Examiner (CECFE): Investigate and analyze information related to financial conduct of all types and to detect, respond to, and investigate illegal financial activity.
  2. Certified Cyber Crime Examiner (3CE): Apply best practices in digital forensic techniques to image, document and report on forensically sound digital evidence.
  3. Certified Cyber Crime Investigator (3CI): Detect, respond to, and investigate cyber crimes and crimes facilitated by online communication.

Learn more about the Body of Knowledge for each certification here.

How to Qualify

To qualify for any of the NW3C certifications an applicant must satisfy a minimum of 25 points which are based on several conditions. The conditions include the number of years of directly related full-time work experience, any directly related education from an accredited institution of higher learning, directly related HTCIA Training or similar coursework completed over the past 5 years, and if you have one or more current directly related industry-recognized certifications from another certification body. Directly related means training, education, or job function that specifically involves knowledge, skills, or abilities meeting the required body of knowledge for the certification.

How to Apply

  1. View NW3C Certification Points Matrix to ensure you have at least 25 points to apply.
  2. Gather necessary documentation including resume, certificates, and transcripts.
  3. Login to your NW3C account or create an NW3C account using your work email. *Your physical certificate will be mailed to the address you provide on your account.
  4. Start the application for the certification in which you are applying at nw3c.com/certifications.
  5. Upload your documentation.
  6. Continue to the payment screen and pay the $50 application fee via credit card or invoice.
  7. Within 10 business days, you will receive an email notifying you of the status of your application.
  8. If your certification has been approved, you will receive an email notifying you to pay the $250 certification fee.
  9. Login to your account to find the promo code, and select your payment method.

*The promo code for the discounted Certification Fee is available only to active members in good standing of HTCIA. Log into your HTCIA MemberClicks Account to access the promo code. Please note – usage of the code will be audited by staff. Members are prohibited from sharing the code for use by non-members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply?
You may apply for a professional certification at nw3c.org/certifications. You must login and select which certification you would like to apply for.

How do I know if I have enough points?
You may use the points matrix that is available HERE to determine how many points you have.

What is *directly related* experience?
Directly related means, training, education, or job function that specifically involves knowledge, skills, or abilities meeting the required body of knowledge for the certification.

What other certifications count for points?
You can view other approved certifications HERE.

What if my degree is in Criminal Justice?
Unfortunately, Criminal Justice degrees do not meet the education requirements for an NW3C certification.

If I apply for two certifications, do I pay two $50 application fees and renewal fees?
Yes, you must pay an application fee for each certificate application you submit. You must also pay a renewal fee for each as well.

When will I know if my application has been approved or denied?
Approximately 10 business days from the date you submitted your application.

When does my certification expire?
Your certification will expire 1 year from the date you were granted your certification. You must renew your certification every year.

Where is the Framing Success coupon code to get 10% off?
The price on the Framing Success site reflects the 10% discount. You can order your frame HERE.

How much does my certificate cost to ship?
Shipping is free for the United States, $15 for Canada, and $30 for all other countries.

Will you send me a renewal notice?
Yes. You will receive a reminder to the email on file 90, 60, 30, and 15 days prior to your expiration date.